Terrassa bath by Victoria+Albert Baths

4,515.00 incl.VAT

Terrassa bath by Victoria+Albert Baths

4,515.00 incl.VAT

The Terrassa (1702 x 793mm) is an oval double-ended bath with unique detailing. Taking many of its design cues from Victoria + Albert’s popular Barcelona bath, the Terrassa offers a new and exciting alternative. Its smart sculpted swage details on the inside of the bath create crisp, distinctive shadow lines. The rimless design is synonymous with Victoria + Albert’s modern collection.

Technical information:

Height: 528 mm
Width: 793 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Length: 1702 mm
Weight Empty: 74 kg
Capacity: 304 litres

 In addition to our existing six standard paint finishes, we are now offering a spectrum of 194 RAL colours , in either gloss or matt finishes.

Drawing is Here


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